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Amy a new bear I made... hope you like her

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amy, a teddy bear to let Amy feel happy

This is my first made to ordered teddy bear "Amy"
I have been making many teddy bears but never start to sell them
Amy is a friend that I know from my blog
She always visit my blog and we become good friend
She likes to share her days with me
and recently she is not happy on work
One day, she asked me if I can make a teddy bear for her
I told her I never made to order and never sell my bears
She request me and tell me to make a teddy bear that when she see the bear
she will feel happy
So as a friend, I take the challange and make "Amy" for her

She did not give lots of instruction but I know she like lace, pink, soft color

So I use a soft baby pink on the nose, pawpad and ribbon

The embroidery design was discussed with Amy

She like Rose and also like to name the bear " Amy"

So I design and embrodiery on the pawpads

I am ready to deliver "Amy" tomorrow

This is the first time my bear is leaving me

Amy promised me she will take good care of her

Wish Amy will be happy everyday looking at Amy


  1. she's lovely!! love her pawpad :D

  2. oh no! you are so kind... so sweet... can you make me one sweet teddy bear and send to me... huhu... just so lovely...

  3. Amy is a wonderful bear and I am sure she will make you friend smile every day!!
    Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  4. What a lovely Bear Amy is!! Your friend will love her I'm sure
    Beary Hugs
    Hillary Rose

  5. Wonderful bear.......
    mi piace il tuo " LOVE BEAR FOREVER "


  6. Hello!!
    I just accidentally found your teddy bear blog, and I really like it! You make soo sweet bears. I love teddy bears!!!:) soo cool that you can make those cute bears, I am not so good at craftwork, I have a cross-stich and creative blog, I am stiching teddy bears.
    Bears forever!
    It was a pleasure to visit your site! Keep making these supersweet things!
    Greetings from Judit