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Amy a new bear I made... hope you like her

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Victoria's Angel

Idea come from "Victoria's Secret" fashion show
If you never watch the "Victoria's Secret" show,
you should click in and have a look.
Did you see those Victoria's Angel?????
Aren't they beautiful????

Victoria is a 10cm Mini bear
She is made out of Sassy fabric......Really soft touch
I have shaded her with soft pink .....
I let her carry a pair of wings like what they did in the Victoria Secret show
I did not make the wings my own but I would like to make one next time
There is a show of how those wings was created at the Victoria Secret show....
A really big workshop

Animation Bear.... Flat nose, flat face

Someone likes it but someone not

Sassy fabric is such a lovely fabric
It is really soft and easy to use
I really love this fabric

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sassy Willow

Willow..... name from "Cat-Tail-Willow"
Made from Sassy Fabric
10 cm while standing

This is the first time I use sassy fabric
What a soft touch fabric......
Really love it very much
I design an animation small bear to use this fabric
shade a little bit on the hair

Isn't Willow a cute little one ^__^
I will try to make more using this sassy fabric

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not my usual style but I give a try

I always want to try to make an antique bear but never dare to start

This time by using a same pattern as Grace " The summer girl"

I change the fabric and make different finishing touch

Here is my Gran

I do not really know if he looks antique or look dirty

But I am happy about the result

I always believe if you give you try, there will be chance to success

So I give a try and it works out

Gran is not my usual style of bear but I like it a lot

God knows .... maybe I will keep continue for this type of bears

and make them to my style ^__^