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Amy a new bear I made... hope you like her

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A very special bear to me

I would like to introduce a very special bear to you
She is Lily, my very first self design mohair teddy bear
She was born in July 2008 & standing at 28 cm
I was very happy as I think it was a sucessful design for a first time work.
Lily is a very big step to me as she encourage me to continue designing teddy bear
A very special bear to me

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finny missing her love one

I would like to introudce Finny to you
She is my latest mini bear design
She is standing at 11cm
Finny is wearing a pink rose color German mohair
Finny is a bit blue today because she is missing her love one
This is the first time I have designed & made a teddy bear with a raising head pose
I really enjoy making different design pose for my bear
It is so much fun
Photo taken by Ron Tsreng (She is my sister)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doris my lucky charms

Doris is my first teddy bear creation for the year 2009.
She is wearing an anti marron color German mohair
We Chinese, like red color at the beginning of the year
Red brings us luck so at the beginning of the new year
Doris is my little lucky charm
She is born in a cold winter so a scraf was added on her neck
She love to read too.
Doris measure 4" while standing
and she is fill with lots of love and hug.

Love Bear Forever

My name is Angel Tseng
I am from Taipei, Taiwan.
I have started my first mohair teddy bear making since 2007 and
started my own creation on 2008

"Love Bear Forever" is the brand name for the teddy bear that I create
It is about "Love" , " Bear" & "Forever"
I hope my teddy bear will let you feel "LOVE"
And I hope my teddy bear can be your friends " FOREVR"
This is how my brand name came from.
I have a blog in chinese about my bear making and
I would also like to share my bear making experience with those foreign friends
Hope you will always come to visit my blog