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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grace the summer girl

Did I mentioned before that I am a Taiwanese but I live in Bangladesh
Oh....... I think I did not mentioned in my english blog
I have been living in Bangladesh for the last 18 years
So most of my bear are born in Bangladesh
I handcarry all the mohair, tools, threads, eyes even the polyfill here
in order to made those bears
My bears are full of stories.
Because in Bangladesh there are so many different things happening everyday besides me

So here, let me introduce our summer girl Grace

Although it is not call SUMMER now in Bangladesh

but the heat is same as SUMMER even more hot

There is no rain in this season and the air is full of dust

Everyday we will have elecitcity shortage for about 8 hours

And this is why I like to have my Grace to wear a sleeveless dress

I can't wear sleeveless dress here because it is a muslim country and

it is not good to wear sleevesless ..... so ...........

Looking at Grace let me feel less hot...^__^

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